Moved Yxi from GameSalad to Game Maker Studio

The choice for GameSalad to make a game might sound strange, since I’m a programmer student and GameSalad has no coding. The story behind that is a little long, but I’ll explain anyway:

On October 19, 2012, two people from Microsoft came to DePaul’s College of Computing to talk about app development for Windows 8. They setup a workshop for people to make a Window 8 compatible game using GameSalad. I think the choice for GameSalad has something to do with how it currently supports export for Windows 8.

Considering how simple (perhaps too simple) GameSalad is, I wanted to make a game that was also simple. Unfortunately, GameSalad wasn’t delivering what I wanted. It doesn’t support sophisticated logic, nor does it support a changeable sprite anchor point.

Long story short, I started a new project with Game Maker Studio and reproduced every feature that was in my Yxi prototype from GameSalad. I even added a nice debug display you can toggle (see the screenshot).

Yxi Prototype in Game Maker

Yxi Prototype in Game Maker