Yxi – Alpha Demo Video

Here’s my progress on Yxi so far. I lot of work has gone into getting physics right and also making bosses with random parts.

As of yet there aren’t that many boss parts, but the system will randomly choose parts to build the boss. When the player blasts one of the arms, only that arm gets destroyed; the rest of the boss is still alive.

Other things this video demonstrates are how the player gets pushed back upon contact with the boss, how coins follow the player, what player death currently looks like, how shooting the main body will kill the whole boss, and how turrets slowly turn towards your direction.

Yes the graphics are very ugly, and the boss is currently boring. It’s a work in progress, so this will hopefully turn into something fun. 🙂

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Planetary rotations and revolutions in Unity


Work on Caelium is finally under way, but there will probably be only gradual progress. I implemented a system where celestial bodies can orbit around other celestial bodies and also a system where the bodies rotate on their axis.

To do this, two rotations were required: axial (around its axis) and orbital (around another body).  In Unity, when I tried to apply both types of rotations on a body (as a single GameObject), only the orbital rotation seemed to work.

To fix this problem, I had a simple GameObject hierarchy. You start with a CelestialAnchor, which is basically a point in space that orbits around another CelestialAnchor. It’s responsible for the position of the planet/star/moon and its orbital rotation.

Each CelestialAnchor holds a CelestialBody, which contains the 3D model of the planet/star/moon and does the axial rotation.

In this hierarchy, the planets have an orbital and axial rotation applied, as seen in the video. The speed of the rotations and the distances between the bodies can be tweaked in the editor.

Rotating, Panning, and Zooming a Camera in Unity


Link to code on bottom of post. ↓


In Caelium, one of the features I wanted was simple camera movement system that could rotate the camera, pan it on the plane defined by its forward direction, and zoom. In the video, I demonstrate the movement of a camera in Unity.

To rotate the camera, you left click the mouse and move around. To pan the camera, you right-click the mouse and move around. To zoom, you middle click the mouse and move up or down.

By no means is it perfect, but what I have now is pretty good, as you can see in the video. I’ll explain how the movements work.

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Old Protoype for Reveal

One project I’m working on right now is a game called Reveal. It’s a team project being made in Unity. The basic premise of the game is to navigate around a dark maze as a fragile crystal prism using light energy. This video shows an extremely old prototype. The game is much farther now, but I felt I should show something older before I show something newer. Enjoy!