Fortress Fiasco


-Team Project
-College Work
-Winter and Spring 2013

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Fortress Fiasco is a team-based project that is also my capstone project. It’s a beat ’em up platformer that is similar to games such as Streets of Rage, Castle Crashers, and Smash Brothers. One of the unique aspects of this game was that we the developers would be the playable characters in the game and our aim is to make enjoyable combat that can be played by anyone.

The premise of the game is to take back your fortress from the forces of evil that kicked you out.

Fortress Fiasco was developed by:

Matthew Baran        – Producer / Sound
Trisha DeSalvo        – Artist
Derek Berggren        – Artist / Programmer
Jibran Syed             – Programmer
Chris Koerner          – Programmer
Dan Seelye              – Programmer