-Solo Project
-Ludum Dare 28 Entry
-December 2013

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PLAY BlockDodger (Windows Only)

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BlockDodger is my second Ludum Dare game. Unlike my first Ludum Dare game (10 Seconds in 10 Seconds), which was made in Unity, BlockDodger was made in C++, partially “from scratch”. By “partially”, I mean that I wrote a GameObject management system from the ground up that uses an OpenGL graphics wrapper I made before LD28.

The object of the game is to dodge all the red blocks that are falling down the screen. You are a green block and you can shoot blue bullets, but only one at a time. The game goes on forever until you lose.

As stated before, this game was made in C++ using Visual Studios 2012 as an IDE and OpenGL for rendering. Libraries I used include GLM, GLEW, SDL 2, and FreeImage.

This game is open source and I encourage anyone curious enough to look at the source code on the Github link provided above.

Here the gameplay video: