This was a final project assignment from DePaul University’s Moble Game Dev class (GAM 386). The idea was to try to recreate Angry Birds from scratch. My implementation only has 2 birds and one level. The level resets after about 5 seconds after all pigs are dead. This is an Xcode project targeted for the iPad simulator. 2D graphics rendering done in OpenGL 2.0 ES. Physics engine used is Box2D by Erin Catto.

Project setup, OpenGL sprite renderer, and physics wrapper objects provided by Professer Ed Keenan.

Classmates that help the whole class for their implementations:

  • Jason for use high precision timer data from <mach/mach_time.h>
  • Christos for background rendering and retrieving gameobjects from contact data
  • Steve for graphics (was heavily modified by me to make unique from original AB sprites)

You can nab the source code on Github.

Here’s a screenshot:

iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 5, 2013 4.20.41 PM