How to correct scale and rotation of static Blender models for Unity


Lately I was learning how to use Blender to make 3D models (mostly because it’s polished and free). As a programmer, I wasn’t attempting to be a professional artists, but I did want to learn the basics in order to facilitate game development.

Blender is a pretty cool program if you learn the shortcuts and interface (I found a great tutorial here at “Games From Scratch”). However, if you want to use models made with Blender in Unity3D, the scale and orientation will be not be set in a way you would expect. This tutorial attempts to teach how to fix the scale and orientation of the Blender model so it shows up correctly in Unity.

Take note that this will be a manual orientation and scale fix. This doesn’t utilize scripts in either Unity or Blender. This tutorial assumes that you are at least a little familiar with navigating the interfaces of both programs (I consider myself a beginner in Blender, so hopefully Blender-beginners should be able to follow along). This tutorial uses Unity 4.5 and Blender 2.7.

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