Yxi – Alpha Demo Video

Here’s my progress on Yxi so far. I lot of work has gone into getting physics right and also making bosses with random parts.

As of yet there aren’t that many boss parts, but the system will randomly choose parts to build the boss. When the player blasts one of the arms, only that arm gets destroyed; the rest of the boss is still alive.

Other things this video demonstrates are how the player gets pushed back upon contact with the boss, how coins follow the player, what player death currently looks like, how shooting the main body will kill the whole boss, and how turrets slowly turn towards your direction.

Yes the graphics are very ugly, and the boss is currently boring. It’s a work in progress, so this will hopefully turn into something fun. 🙂

Technical progress:

  •  Made a HUD that overlays over status bars (such as the charge and health bars) in order for them to have the parallelogram-look.
  • Player emits damage particles depending on how much health is left. These particles change their emission pattern depending on which way the player is strafing.
  • Drew an arrow sprite near the player that repositions and rotates itself depending on the player’s position and orientation. The arrow sprite was meant to ease aiming.
  • Laser upgrades have a comprehensive way of defining in what position and orientation of the laser will be relative to the player. This allows laser to spawn outside of the player’s body while still aligning itself with the player.
  • Powerups follow the player if close enough. This makes it easier to collect powerups. Score items in Kenta Cho games usually exhibit this behavior.
  • Depending on what laser upgrade level the player is at, the laser will spawn in different ways (i.e. how many laser beams, the positions and rotations relative to player, etc.).
  • Bosses are assembled periodically with random numbers and built with a hierarchy. The boss parts, from the top to bottom of the hierarchy, are boss bodies, boss “wings”, and boss weapons. The Yxi Alpha video embedded above demonstrates an example of what can be assembled. As of this writing, there aren’t that many parts yet. More are planned to make various bosses.
  • Boss parts have a reference hierarchy. This means parts on top of the hierarchy destroy parts attached to it if they are lower in the hierarchy. For example, if the player destroys a boss wing, the whole boss won’t die, but if the player destroys the boss body, the whole boss will die.
  • Player bounces off the boss if collided. The player is forced to face the boss when this happens for ease of firing.
  • Screen shakes when player charges laser all the way, or if player fires laser after getting the Superlaser powerup (powerups have not be explained as of yet).
  • There’s a precision laser powerup that enables two precision laser beams for the sole purpose of aiming, they don’t do damage. It uses similar sprite re-orientation code as the arrow sprite mentioned above.

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