Yxi – Alpha Development Status

YxiAlpha 000

Yxi was on a long hiatus, but within the last couple of weeks, I’ve progressed quite a bit. I’ve been experimenting with things such as strafing, physics, enemy behavior, particles, and health.

One of my goals with this game was to try to reduce the need of a HUD. As an example, health is implemented, but there is no health bar. You look at the amount of smoke coming out of your ship to indicate how much health you have left. If sparks come out, then you know you’re about to die. Eventually, I would like to get rid of the HUD all together for this game, but I could see trouble doing that for the score display.

The original premise of Yxi was to fight bosses all the time, but in order to get something up and running, I implemented some enemies, just to make things interesting. I haven’t implemented bosses yet.

There are 4 enemies as of now: a triangle that randomly wanders, a circle that shoots orange bullets at you, a diamond that follows you, and a square that moves orthogonally and tries to ram you. These enemies might not be in the final version of Yxi, but the behaviors will probably be reused somewhere.

Here are some screenshots. Enjoy.

YxiAlpha 001 YxiAlpha 003 YxiAlpha 004 YxiAlpha 006 YxiAlpha 007 YxiAlpha 008 YxiAlpha 009